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I'm the co-founder of ADAY with Nina Faulhaber, a direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand creating the clothing of the future for the conscious consumer. We wanted to simplify our wardrobes (and our lives), so we created new fabrics and designs that elevate the standard of all apparel (because "dry clean only" shouldn't be a thing).  Each piece is consciously designed and sustainably produced, as well as hyper versatile. In Star Wars (the future), everyone wears the same thing everyday. So we're working hard to bring today's reality closer to what our future clothing can do. 

My professional work is at the intersection of e-commerce, brand creation, design and story telling and most of my work involves growth marketing, behavioural economics, negotiation theory, consumer psychology, analytics, data and user experience. I also think a lot about neuroscience, comfort zones (or lack thereof) and self-growth: how can I be my best self everyday? What motivates our employees—and our consumers?  

Other topics I'm passionate about are primarily in healthcare: female fertility (and egg freezing), aging, multiple myeloma, telehealth and mental health. I'm fond of biohacking and personal growth experiments, which has ranged from supplements to wearables to sleep tests to Maria Lambert's 10 Principles experiment, which was the catalyst in choosing to cut-bleach-tone my long, dark hair to a white-silver-blonde pixie cut myself (Ms. He in the bathroom with a pair of kitchen scissors). For my 30th birthday, I wrote about the moments in my life that changed me.

Teaching )'( yoga with  Caleb Spaulding  on djembe

Teaching )'( yoga with Caleb Spaulding on djembe

I like these personal beliefs:
- Don't be bored: do things that make your heart beat faster by figuring out what you're really optimizing for. The intersection of what matters to you, what you're great at and what you love is a beautiful space.
- Be your best self: know what inspires you to create your best work, find flow and through introspection, learn how to create and re-create an environment to best enable you to do this.
- Remember to teach: investing in those around you is one of the most valuable things you can do. It takes patience and kindness, two things I work on every day.

Prior to starting ADAY, my background is one of business, investing and technology. Born in Beijing, I grew up in the UK, worked first in London, travelled to over 80 countries and then spent the last few years in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to New York. Some of my favourite experiences include helping Aileen Lee set up Cowboy Ventures (and write about unicorns), leading and creating engagement for millions of users at Poshmark (a mobile fashion marketplace) and selling zinc mines in Namibia and South Africa for Goldman Sachs.

When I moved to the Bay Area for business school, I finally discovered what "being active" meant. Having always been clumsy and a book/computer nerd in primary, secondary school and university, in 2012, I started to work out for the very first time. I fell in love with vinyasa yoga, later doing my yoga teacher training in Palo Alto, CA. I then bought a road bike, went hiking in Yosemite, rock climbing, ice climbing, bouldering, scuba diving, boxing, trail running, wakeboarding and, rather spontaneously, ran my first marathon (...slowly). I realised that exercise is as much for your mind as well as your body, setting me on the path to starting ADAY.

Winter camping on the Appalachian Trail, NY

Winter camping on the Appalachian Trail, NY

I now live in Queens, New York (no longer in a tiny apartment) with my partner and our rescue pup, Helix. My mindfulness-creativity routine involves a combination of daily meditations, no caffeine, a ChiliPad, playing Chopin on the piano and Bach on the violin, morning mentoring walks, exploring all the museums, hosting Groupmuses, rock climbing, hiking the Hudson Valley and the Catskills, Williamsburg-Manhattan Bridges runs, Lotus Fly!ballet and sound meditations.

If you'd like to go for a walk, email m@meghe.com

Backcountry camping in the Catskills, NY

Backcountry camping in the Catskills, NY